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When social distancing and stay at home orders were set in motion, life froze. Homes became offices, kids went to online learning and gloves, masks and toilet paper became required and all beauty routines went on a hiatus. People started using boxed dyes and doing nail care was done at home but some require an expert hand: Botox and filler injectables.

Now that we have been given a clearance by the government of Ontario to resume, there will be changes to protect the Health and Safety of our clients.

  1. You will be screened and tested by our staff
  2. Personal protective equipment is a required accessory. Staff will be required to use gloves, masks, gown and in some cases, a face shield.
  3. The office is equipped with a new ventilation system that filters the area several times every 30 minutes.
  4. There will be less staff in the office as we become more online oriented and no waiting in the waiting room.
  5. Your temperature will be taken

What will not change is the quality of our work and the health and safety of our clients. We look forward to seeing your smiling faces!