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Now that we are mandated to wear our masks in all public places, more attention is being paid to our faces “above the mask”.  Well, fear not our friends, we are here to help!

For the month of October, we have 2 great promotions on our Medi Spa Services in Burlington available!

1. Save 25% on Wrinkle Relaxers

Target those deep “11’s” between your eyes and/or relax and soften the crow’s feet around your eyes with 25% OFF a Wrinkle Relaxer Treatment.  You will be amazed by how our Nurse Injector, Rebecca Kwiatkowski, can work her magic on those nasty “11’s” between your eyes.  Crows feet around your eyes? No problem!  With Rebecca’s years of experience and training experience, your beautiful face is in great hands.  With so much focus on your face “above the mask” don’t you deserve to let your inner beauty rise to the surface?  With 25% off our customized treatment plan, NOW is the time to do something for YOU! Rest assured, our treatments are performed in a 100% COVID-19 Compliant environment! BOOK YOUR TREATMENT TODAY!

Check out Rebecca’s magic with these Before and After Shots:

botox burlington on

botox burlington


2. Microneedling & Hyaluronic Acid Treatment only $249

Revive your skin, tighten and give it a healthy glow with our awesome microneedling, followed by a hyaluronic acid treatment.  We love microneedling for its ability to treat and improve conditions like acne scarring, fine lines and wrinkles, loose skin, skin texture, pore size, brown spots, stretch marks, and pigment issues.  Known to help with the production of collagen (collagen induction therapy) or CIT, this treatment also helps your skin absorb our super hydrating hyaluronic acid treatment.  Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring sugar found in your body that binds to and absorbs water, and gives a fullness and plumpness to the skin. Since your body makes less of hyaluronic acid as you get older, adding this topical to your microneedling treatment increases hydration to absorb into the skin, and increases the skin’s ability to utilize these nutrients, leading to plump, smooth, and youthful skin results. Rest assured, our treatments are performed in a 100% COVID-19 Compliant environment! BOOK YOUR TREATMENT TODAY!

Look at the awesome results from microneedling and hyaluronic treatments:

microneedling burlington

microneedling burlington


Call or 289-813-6739  or text 289-259-8961 to Book Your Appointment Today!

Bringing Your Beauty to the Surface